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Barkley Security Agency, Inc. is a customer oriented, mission focused company who service is to meet the changing needs of its clientele
Security Guards:

Barkley Security Agency, Inc. provides armed, unarmed, uniformed and non-unformed guard services to meet the many requirements of our customer base. The professional workforce of Barkley Security Agency, Inc. are committed to safeguarding multiple locations such as government building , corporate campuses, education facilities, hospital ,airport facilities, shopping malls, gated communities and private business venues.

Special Event Security

A great deal of time goes into planning a special event for your business or personal needs. Working with college athletics, amateur sports, conventions, festivals, concerts, and car shows, tournaments, and wedding, Barkley Security guarantees your event success. The Successful outcome of your event is our primary goal. Whether your needs call for the service of ticket collection , ushers, on  concert security .Barkley Security is equipped with the manpower , technology, resources, and most importantly , the experience to deliver.

Patrol Service

Barkley Security Agency, Inc. Patrol Guards are trained professionals that will work proactively to provide 24/7 surveillance and alert business owners of maintenance issues, property damage. Trespassers and all other relative concerns regarding company secured premises. Patrol service is very effective in deterring criminal activity as well as providing a safe and secure environment for employees, tenants and visitors. Barkley Security Agency’s visibility, expertise and proven track record are a way to provide effective, proactive security for your business assets.

Traffic Control

Barkley Security Agency, Inc. provides a variety of traffic control services involving directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic around an event, construction zone, accident or other road disruption, thus ensuring the safety of the general public. Our traffic control also includes the monitoring of traffic to manage the flow and providing advice concerning traffic congestion.